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Campus Crusade becomes ‘Cru’

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When the girl from Tennessee in my small group told me that she had been at ‘Cru’, I proudly used my cross-cultural expertise to engage with her in a discussion about competitive rowing as a convenient segue into The Social Network.  Of course, she had simply meant that she was part of Campus Crusades for Christ.

Campus Crusades is a great college student organization in the States, of which I have much respect for.  And it’s about time they changed their name!  I think that detaching themselves from the word ‘crusade’, which suggests that unbelievers are infidels that need to be converted by force, is a wise move.  ‘Cru’ has already become a well-used shortened term, and so is a perfect replacement.  Some might say they should have gone further, but ‘Cru’ will do!

Read the Christianity Today article here.


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  3. joe losiak

    Navigators, Awana Clubs, Campus Life, Young Life, Church Youth Groups, Pioneers Clubs and a great host of Godly outreaches do not have the name of Jesus Christ in their name. On the other hand, The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and a great many religious organizations on Campus (good and bad) use the name of Jesus Christ in their name. Christians like to hear the name being used in the signature logo name (Jesus, Christ, Christian). To a non-Christian there is too much confusion as they do not have the knowledge we do to discern which organization is good as so many use the name of Jesus Christ. Also, religionists/ritualists/cu​lts use the name of Jesus Christ freely and represent mindless faith, ritual and a boring or dangerous lifestyle. The truth about CRU is that it is singleminded in always presenting a living relationship with Jesus Christ based on grace through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross. I usually find the name callers to be people who hardly ever do that and dislike CRU for its dynamic relentless pursuit of souls to come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Methods are not sacred and can always be changed, but CRU was critized mainly because they got to the Gospel message too quickly. CRU is about a relationship with the Lord and Savior. It is the name the students across the USA have used on campus since the 1990’s – the link above is jus one example. The result is that students are drawn first to the believers and not to the spiritual confusion which does exist big time today. Then soon enough, Jesus becomes the issue. If CRU is critized for anything, it is that it gets to the message too quickly. The new name harkens back to the old. CRU has a dynamic ministry to Muslims as well. Using terms like “ministry” “fellowship” speaks to Christians, but non-Christians today need to see a lifestyle as well as hear the Gospel message. The Doobies sang, “Jesus is just alright with me”, but that does not mean they had a relationship with Christ. I know the brothers and sisters at CRU and know that they are truly singleminded and desire more than ever to make the real JESUS the greatest issue of life.

    The name Campus Crusade for Christ was just fine for me, especially in the sixties, but today the world is talking about a Muslim Jesus, Hindu Jesus, Universal Jesus, and even the Dali Lama is preparing for a Buddhist version. It was also special for me as a former member of my Chicago Church gave the name to Bill Bright back in 1951 (Wilbur Smith). Smith was a famous professor back then who was one of Bill Bright’s favorite teachers. Wilbur was a boy wonder at Moody Church in Chicago.

    It is also true that hundreds of missionaries use the Jesus Film which is faithful to the Gospel of Luke and if you knew the staff members, you would know that they are all about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Bible and building disciples who in turn will go out to reach others.

    July 23, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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